by Briarcliff

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The new single from Briarcliff


Unleash my wrath
My will to live is dead
Rotted out, I feel death reside
Corrupted by this disease that unhinges my mind,
I am extinction,
I am hatred,
I am fear reborn.

In the silence I was awakened.
We live in frailty
The life we reside on weakens,
Stop the spin on this Earth and drown out the sun.
Shit spat from the demons mouth,
Tell me what lies do you offer to sell,
If there is a life after death,
Then my bidding will be due in hell.
What has this world to offer,
When we die alone?
Defiled by the presence that claims my soul.

I felt that hatred as it crept inside,
Crawling up my spine and behind my eyes.
Violent visions consume my mind,
If curiosity kills,
Why can't it kill me?
Burn me from the Earth
Tear out my soul.
I cannot be saved

No where to escape,
When the evil lives in me.
Unhinged by devils bidding,
A man and his mind part,
My being, captured and tortured until torn apart.
Why must I endure this hatred that claims immortality,
The light before my eyes retracts.
Let me claim my death and end insanity.

Too weak to tie the rope,
Withered in my descent,
No one to pity me,
I've seen the end of days,
I am the end of days.

I will be born again,
The craftsmanship of the burning abyss,
I'll suffer a thousand screams,
Oh god, why'd it have to be me?

When will it end.
I am not alive,
I'm dead on the inside.
Drag me to the depths,
I want to be with death.
I am not alive,
I'm dead on the inside


released December 14, 2014
Official Briarcliff Facebook page:

Lyric Video:

Recorded mixed and mastered by Brad Stewart at Desolate Recordings

Video by Scott Rudd at SR.FiLM


all rights reserved



Briarcliff Adelaide, Australia

Briarcliff is a 5-piece deathcore band from Adelaide, Australia

Jake DiStefano - Vocals
Jacob Johnson-Firth -
Ethan Ross - Guitar
Josh Marcus - Bass
Kiri Schroeter - Drums

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